Join the Jackson Bike Advocates this Friday for their Alleycat Race. Participants will meet at Rainbow Co Op in Fondren at 6pm. An alleycat is an informal bike race with a spirit towards fun, but organizers say, it is a race. It is open class with all bikes and riders welcome. There is no set route only check points that must be hit in no particular order. There will be five to seven check points and, depending on your route, the distance will be about 12 miles. Checkpoints will be revealed at 6:15 and the race will begin at 6:30. There is no entry fee but there are cash prizes. For 1st place, it’s $200, 2nd place $100, 3rd place $50, and $25 for “DEAD LAST”.

Similar to the monthly JBA Community Rides, this is ‘ride at your own risk’ and there will be a waiver to sign. JBA asks that you obey traffic laws, but go as fast  as you possibly can. Helmets and lights are strongly encouraged. The nature of this race is friendly, fun, and competitive. If you’ve enjoyed the community rides but are looking for something a little more challenging, JBA invites you to participate Friday night.

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