the popular turkey burger with onion rings

It’s all about choice. That’s the word from Brent’s with the recent updates and additions to their historically delicious menu. Manager Theresa Laymon gave us the scoop yesterday and loaded the plate with what are soon to be favorites at the Fondren soda fountain. New offerings include fried pickles, onion rings, fries and hotdogs with chili and cheese, patty melts – single or double, coleslaw, potato salad, philly chicken sandwiches, and Elvis’ favorite, peanut butter and banana sandwich. Laymon said Brent’s also is thinking about those who are thinking of their waist line; Greek, green, fruit and side salads are on the menu, and veggie and turkey burgers are, too.

The revamp has been a collaborative effort between Laymon, Brent’s owner Brad Reeves, and his brother, Blake Reeves. And it’s an effort that seems to be paying off. “We’ve had a great reception,” Laymon said, “and it’s bringing people in to experience their old favorites, too.” Like the Brent’s burger, egg and olive sandwiches, pimento cheese, and tuna salad. Don’t forget the “calories don’t count” shakes and malts. Those are a Brent’s trademark.

And it doesn’t stop there: former Swensen’s kitchen manager John Irving steps in every week to make his ‘super secret recipe’ cheese soup. “He won’t even let us watch,” Laymon said with a chuckle.  What you can keep an eye on is Ms. Betty, cooking breakfast Tuesday through Saturday, a measure diners have enjoyed since earlier this year. Laymon did let us in on her own little secret: Sunday brunch. While not finalized, she said a plan is being made to begin offering that option in the “very near future.”

Brent's is located at 655 Duling Avenue in Fondren. Call in orders are welcome at 601-366-3427.
Hours are Monday – Friday 6:30am - 4pm (breakfast Tuesday - Friday until 10am),
Saturday 8am- 4pm (breakfast until 11am), and Sunday 11am-2pm.

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