They’re bringing the farm to Fondren tonight! A group of Mississippi Math & Science School grads are taking to the roads this summer with a new project aimed at promoting sustainable energy. The Mississippi Mobile Farm bus will park behind Rainbow CoOp during Fondren After 5 from 5-8pm. And the bus is just that: a converted school bus that is a “farm on wheels” running on bio diesel and solar power. It contains a greenhouse, chicken coops, a worm tea, compost bins and a rainwater catchment system for irrigating plants. The venture serves as an educational tool for Gaining Ground Sustainability Institute, eventually going to schools to help them learn about their relationship to the environment.

This month, the team will be taking the bus around the country to test it out, raise awareness about alternative energy and raise money for the completion of the project. Follow their progress on their blog and subscribe by selecting “Sign Me Up” on the right-hand side bar. It is their hope to generate enough support through donations to their Kickstarter campaign that upon return they can move on to Phase II.


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