Three months and already, they need more space! That’s the sentiment of Kristin Tubb, owner of the Orange Peel, who says high demand has construction under way at her Mitchell Avenue consignment shop. Approximately 450 square feet of space is being added by closing in a front porch where Tubb says small furniture and household items will return. “We didn’t have room for it when we moved in March,” she said, “but have a list of people to call on Monday. They’ll bring their items in and the new room will fill up quickly.” Tubb’s husband, Darrin, a Montessori teacher at McWillie Elementary out for summer break, is completing the work. Kristin Tubb said other family members will come and paint and put on the finishing touches over the weekend. The plan, she said, is to have the addition open sometime next week.

When the store moved on March 10, some wondered if being off the beaten path would be best for business. Tubb said she has no regrets. “If you stay consistent and true to what you do, people will find you,” she added. “And they have, with better parking.” Besides that, Tubb said her customers seem to like the house (where they are now located.) “It’s got history; it’s got a character to it. Someone lived here.”  Tubb believes the Mitchell area will be totally transformed in the next five years, saying her fellow merchants are all good for each other. “There’s a synergy on this street,” she said. “Fondren is growing.'”

See the Orange Peel at 422 Mitchell Avenue
and watch Facebook for regular
postings about new merchandise.
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