Stuck. It’s a miserable place for a creative and for Fondren artist Jason Moore, the gestation period may be over. It was nine months ago that the 29 year old Yazoo City native left his nine to five to pursue his passion. “I had gone as long as I could go in that world,” he says, “and drawing was something I always liked.” Graduating from Ole Miss with an English and classics education, Moore says he became physically ill in the day to day grind. With his girlfriend Holly Jackson’s encouragement, he set out to pursue a passion that had been inside since childhood. Moore won a Yazoo City art contest as a 12 year old and the prize was a week long art camp in Jackson. Seventeen years later, pen and watercolor are his tools of the trade, and a natural stress reliever. Jackson, a copywriter, says she sees Jason happier, healthier and more whole as a full time artist.

Moore’s work showcases his growth, and stylistically, reminds you of a whimsical Shel Silverstein with an edge. His drawings can be seen in various projects all over the country and in the UK, and currently, hanging at Sneaky Beans. With a request from Mimi’s Family & Friends to hang work in their cafe (“those should be up next week”) and an August show at Cups in the Quarter, Moore is looking ahead. “I want to illustrate for children’s books,” he says, “and one day, maybe branch out into editorial cartooning. I think my style fits that well.” And what does Moore hope to accomplish in a broader sense (besides paying the bills?) “I just want to get my stuff out there,” he says. “There’s a lot in my head worth something, I think, and I want it to be seen.”

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