Add a new entry to the growing list of businesses in Fondren who operate with the environment – and the owner’s lifestyle in mind. The Green Room, Gary Morgan’s eco-friendly clothing and accessory shop, will celebrate his first Fondren After 5 tomorrow night and says the warm community reception has him looking forward to big things. The 46 year old former banking and investment professional says being an animal lover and a person with the Earth in mind fuels his passion for the new retail shop on North State Street. “I’ve always operated conscious of the environment in my personal life,” Morgan said “and see that this (eco-friendly living) is not a fad.”

The Green Room carries products in sizes for baby to adult made from hemp, organic cotton, bamboo, and other recyclables, and Morgan says you can tell the difference – in a good way. Clothing, he says, is more comfortable than it’s conventional fabric counterparts, and that hemp, for example, doesn’t hold an odor. There’s no other store in the metro area, Morgan says, that is devoted to this exclusively, and he feels Fondren is the perfect home for it. “People here are, I think, more receptive and more aware. It just made sense to locate in Fondren.”

With room to grow in the space once occupied by the Orange Peel’s clothing side, Morgan says he hopes to help educate as well offer literature and information on how to better take care of our planet and be a responsible consumer. “It’s really about community,” he added. “I can’t say that enough. From how we interact with our world to how we interact with our neighbors next door.” Morgan says he has been impressed with how businesses here feel less like competition and more like an alliance, offering up suggestions for store hours and to help market by putting his stickers out. Kind of the way the planet should work? “Exactly.”

The Green Room is located at 3026 North State Street and is open Tuesday – Friday 10am – 6pm, and Saturday 11am – 4pm. Call 601-981-9320 for more information and follow them on twitter at @TheGreenRoomJxn

Update: The Green Room closed in early July 2013.

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