The SkateMS Foundation celebrates the release of the “Kids Need Fresh Air” 2CD compilation at Sneaky Beans, 2-9 pm, Saturday, May 28. The all-ages event features live music from bands showcased on “Kids Need Fresh Air” as well as ramps for the skaters. The musical lineup ranges from indie to punk to hip-hop, including: Fifth Child, Taylor Hildebrand, Adam Bloodbird Harrington, Kladni Figures, Spacewolf, Liver Mousse, and Overnight Lows. The event is free but, of course, “Kids Need Fresh Air” will be for sale along with t-shirts. Tax deductible donations will also be gladly accepted. All proceeds fund the initiative to build a free public skatepark in Jackson.

The double-disc compiles 40 Jackson-based acts – all of whom donated their creativity to the SkateMS cause. The SkateMS Foundation is a grassroots non-profit group dedicated to building safe, concrete public skateparks in communities throughout central Mississippi.

Kids do need fresh air. And skateboarding gives it to them in a big way. It keeps them active and out of trouble. Skateboarding is the third most popular sport for kids in America. You don’t need a coach or a team or pricey equipment – just a skateboard and a safe place to skate. Unfortunately, Jackson kids don’t have that. We need to think of skateparks just like baseball and soccer fields. Can you imagine the tee-ball team practicing in the middle of the street? Skateboarding is a sport. And kids are going to skate. That’s why free, public concrete skateparks are popping up in cities throughout the country (and Mississippi). They’re good for the kids. They’re good for the communities. It’s time for Jackson to get on board.

SkateMS has teamed up with The Community Foundation of Greater Jackson to form a non-profit in effort to raise money to build Jackson a free public concrete skatepark. You can donate to the cause here online.

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