Grammy award winning musician George Winston is returning to Jackson this weekend – and to circa. In town for a variety of events to benefit his Winston project, Winston will play a guitar set at circa. URBAN ARTISAN LIVING during Thursday’s Fondren After 5. Shop owners Craig and Michele Escude said they are pleased to have him from 6-8pm to entertain guests and those who are coming for the McKinnon-Hicks trunk show. “George was such a hit when he was here earlier this year for a piano concert,” the Escudes said, “and gave us a taste of his guitar skills. This time, those will be front and center.” The event is free.

Winston will also host a harmonica workshop Saturday at 3:30pm at the Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Museum on Lakeland Drive.  Donations will be accepted to benefit the Winston Project, using art and music to encourage and mentor young people across the country.

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