Out of their desire to draw together the business communities located within the Fondren district, fab’s Board of Directors will hold their next general membership meeting at the Top of Fondren. Mayor Harvey Johnson will be the keynote speaker. Also on hand will be staff members from various city departments who deal with small business and community development concerns. The Jamileh brothers, owners of Room by Room, have graciously offered the use of Fondren Hall for this time of discussion and community building. The agenda will seek to pave the way for community growth between the diverse thriving business communities and the residential communities of Fondren for the strength of all.

If you own or operate a business in Fondren, or are a resident of Fondren we encourage you to be present. This will not be a community forum for airing individual complaints. It will be an opportunity to hear the good news of what is being done, and of the role that Fondren will continue to play in re-building Jackson as we build community upon our diversity.

Source: Fondren Association of Businesses
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