There’s good news again from The Jackson Police Department about crime statistics in Fondren. Commander Wendall Watts at last night’s Community Oriented Policing Services’ monthly meeting said numbers are down for the twelve month period. Watts said the actual number is around a 10% decrease and double last year’s same time period figures. The commander continued to reiterate proactive community involvement, and said most crimes are those of opportunity. “If you keep your valuables put away,” he said, “the opportunity doesn’t exist.” Watts asked that you involve your neighbors in preventing illegal activity by calling on their Quality of Life division and setting up a group meeting. These officers, he said, are trained to help you with lighting, fencing, alarms and other preventive measures to keep your home and business safe. Watts called on local media outlets to “stop sensationalizing the criminal activity in the capital city” and asked citizens to do the same. “I want results,” he said, “so pick up the phone and call my personal cell number so we can work together. I’ll be up front with you and work with you.” That number, given out again to the public for 24/7 use, is 601.506.7868.

In other C.O.P.S. business, the Citizen’s Police Academy was touted as a great way for residents to learn more about the police department. A recent graduate spoke of her experiences and urged those in attendance to take part in the next session, set for October. It was also told some 35+ Jackson Police officers will be on hand in Fondren for this Saturday’s Zippity Doo Dah events.


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