Here’s a sneak peek at some of the great content you’ll see in the Find It In Fondren™ Spring/Summer Visitor’s and Newcomer’s Guide, coming out next week! Thanks, Terry!

If I had to define responsible living, I would say it is living in a way where your decisions have character and integrity. It is understanding that we live on a connected planet where everything you do ripples through your neighborhood, city, state, country and beyond. Living in Fondren, I find it easier to make those decisions and therefore find it easier to tap into that sense of connectivity and community than in other areas I have lived.

Unless I am traveling to visit with a client, I rarely leave this neighborhood, which allows me to both limit the amount of fossil fuels I burn and also support our very local economy. Responsible living means taking care of our bodies and influencing others to do the same. Fondren’s tree-lined streets are great for morning walks or runs and having Rainbow Coop, two yoga studios and a park nearby, I always know that I have easy access to healthy living options. It also means maintaining a healthy social network, which I find easy to do at our neighborhood coffeeshops and eateries.

Housing lots in Fondren’s neighborhoods are snug enough to feel like you can keep an eye on your neighbors to make sure they are ok, but spacious enough to plant a small garden or feed the numerous squirrels and song birds that we are blessed to have. Responsible living is letting your actions represent your core values, and by living in Fondren you are stating that you believe in Jackson and you believe that people from different backgrounds can co-exist harmoniously and work through tough problems together, vs. heading in opposite directions. So I hope on your next visit to Fondren you can take a little bit of it back to your community or you may choose to join us by moving your family or business here. Get inspired to start a recycling program or get to know your neighbors a little better – invite them for a walk around the block!

Contributor Terry Sullivan is the owner of liveRIGHTnow, a healthy life strategies
consultant, and Fondren resident
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