This is a  message from Wes Harp, architect and west Fondren resident, regarding Fondren Park:
This has been an exciting couple of weeks at the park. We are getting very close to the finish and wanted to pass along some good news and ask for little more help. First, thanks to everyone who volunteered with the playground in December.  We had a perfect size group for the work we had.  Thanks for the snacks, the lunches, the drinks and especially for your time.  I know a number of people couldn’t make it because of the holidays. Rest assured, we’ll have more to do in the coming year – so stay tuned!

Most importantly, the rubber for the playground was put down earlier in the week.  As of now,  it is cured and the playground is open! Jefcoat Recreation has done an outstanding job with the final touches and the rubber surfacing.  It all looks awesome. The rubber for the walking track is partially installed and the remainder will be installed tomorrow. But, the rubber needs to cure for at least 48 hours with no traffic.  We have been monitoring the previous pours in the weekday evenings to keep kids off of it, but this weekend will be especially difficult with the beautiful weather (not to mention the unrestricted use of the playground). If you come to Fondren Park this weekend, we ask that you stay off the walking track. We promise, it’s worth the wait. Look for it to be in use on Monday!
Read more about the history of this project and the organization that made it happen, Fondren Renaissance Foundation.
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