From time to time, our neighbors to the south provide us news and info that we think is worthy to bring to Fondren. This time, it’s a “no” from Belhaven that’s worth mentioning. Pizza Shack owners Mike Parker and Larry Emmett say they will not move to Fondren. In a note to supporters and fans on a local news message board, Parker says it’s “because Sal and Mookies is a great restaurant and they are truly are a part of what defines the wonderful neighborhood of Fondren. They belong to Fondren and we belong to Belhaven.” Sal & Mookie’s owners Jeff Good and Dan Blumenthal are later noted in the post in reference to Pizza Shack’s coming location in Colonial Mart. Parker says “if Colonial Mart is too far to drive, we encourage you to try Sal and Mookie’s as Jeff Good has always been a leading force in maintaining the highest quality and standards in the industry. Jackson is blessed to have him and Dan in our city.”

You may know by now that Baptist Health Systems owns the property in Belhaven where Pizza Shack is currently located. The hospital will begin development of a five story building on that land later this year. Parker says his restaurant should be there “at least until May 1” and that they are pursuing another future Belhaven location.

Update (4/4/11): Pizza Shack owners Larry Emmett and Mike Parker said tonight via Twitter (@thepizzashackms) that they have “just signed a deal to move to Fabricare building in a few months.” They added “we were worried for awhile because nothing was available but the owners of fabricare came through.”  Their final post of the night came with even better news: “we hope to be open on fortification in 3 or 4 months. We think Belhaven will remain open until then.”

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