Imagine running your first 5k.  Or clocking your fastest time ever in a race.  Or crossing the finish line with your neighbor who you’ve been training with for the last three months.  Now, imagine NOT having any photos to document that special day. Our friend, Rod Simmons, has got you covered.  I’m not quite sure how he manages to make it to just about every race in the state of Mississippi but he is undoubtedly on a street corner or at the finish line snapping away.

Rod, who formerly handled the public relations for the Mississippi Track Club in Jackson, was motivated to unify the racing communities in our state.  So he founded Rod’s Racers in December 2010.  His mission is to keep everyone updated and informed about races all over Mississippi.  His Facebook page is not only where runners and walkers can learn about other track clubs in Mississippi but also home to all of the (hundreds of) photos from each race. But don’t let me fool you… Rod isn’t always on the sidelines.  This former 90′s track star is still a standout.  Flip through any of his albums and you will most likely find a picture of him with a medal around his neck!

To add to the list of the many great things about Rod, he has also been a nurse at UMC for the last 15 years.  And Rod is actively involved with the planning and promotion of races that raise funds for Blair E. Batson. He is definitely what one would call a “people person.”  So if you look up one day and see this guy, go introduce yourself.  He is one of the nicest and friendliest guys we’ve ever met.

Rod’s Racers is also on Twitter.  Keep up with him and the races @rodsracers.

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