Do you recycle? We are very fortunate that many of our cities in Mississippi are making such an attempt to go green.  In the city of Jackson, we have specified recycling days when our recyclables are included in garbage pickup. We also have access to recycling bins at Rainbow Co-Op and the Waste Management bins on North West Street.  The city even has free green recycling buckets available for pick up at the solid waste division.  OurFondren is also encouraging you to recycle. Those of you who would like to be a leader on your street please contact Kay Jones at She can give you a sign up form. When you complete the list of neighbors who want to participate, she will make sure that they get a recycling  bin. With all of these resources, recycling should no longer be regarded as a hassle.  One by one, we can all make a difference.

For more information on recycling in Jackson, visit the City of Jackson’s Department of Public Works. There is also a calendar for recycling pick up dates in your neighborhood.

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