With a new year comes new promises to do things in a different way. We’ve seen your messages all over social media and they include plans to get organized, lose weight, or gain control of other aspects of your life. So we asked certified personal trainer and weight loss consultant Terry Sullivan of Fondren, owner of liveRIGHTnow, for some expert advice to help you succeed.

What is the purpose of making resolutions you will likely break? Is there a better way?
There is definitely a cycle that most people get trapped in of making resolutions, sticking with them a few days or weeks and then “falling off” which in turn causes a sense of guilt. This guilt can then lead to other problems. While I think it’s not a bad idea to recommit to certain goals, I think the better approach is to commit to a lifestyle change if you really feel there are major adjustments you need to make in this upcoming year.

Where do you start?
Making these changes toward a healthier life first begins with making health your number one priority. Remember, everything else – your family, friends and occupation – rely on you being alive and healthy. After this, one must begin to remove the things that are negatively affecting their health and replace these with more positive aspects. This not only means replacing bad food with good food and inactivity with activity, but also negative people and negative surroundings.

How do you balance these goals – and what may seem like a job to keep them – with your “life”?
Goals must be realistic and made with your current obligations in mind. With that being said, it doesn’t take that much more time to live healthy vs. the alternative – 30-45 minutes per day for exercise, 30 minutes per day preparing or planning for healthier meals. I mean, let’s be honest, how much time does the average person spend surfing the internet or staring at their cell phones? We make time for that which is important to us, and that has to be our health.

What are three things one can do TODAY to begin 2011 better than last year?

  • Be thankful you are alive and take a moment to reflect on how important it is to have a healthy mind and body
  • Audit your kitchen, get rid of the junk and go buy some fresh produce.
  • Go for a walk, run or just go outside and play with your kids. Be active!

How can liveRIGHTnow help?
We can provide an action plan of how to get started living a healthier lifestyle; we examine your current habits and trouble-shoot your daily routine to see where help is needed. Then we start to replace the “bad” with the “good;” an exercise routine by a certified personal trainer, recipes and shopping lists, we will even do a grocery tour with you to show you the right way to shop. The great thing about what we do is that it is individualized to each client’s unique situation and it is of great value – we sell change, not memberships!

Visit liveRIGHTnowonline.com to learn more about Sullivan's services and read
articles to help you on your journey to a healthy 2011.
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