volunteers working on FRF's latest project, Fondren Park

We continue to show you ways to do business in Fondren and thank our Find It in Fondren advertisers. These are the folks who make Fondren Jackson’s hippest neighborhood!

At Rainbow Co-op & Fair Trade Green, the rule is shop fair, shop conscious, shop local, and shop green. Rainbow is Jackson’s answer to Whole Foods and is locally owned and operated by its member cooperative. Products here are organic, often locally grown or made, and fresh. Sister business Fair Trade Green brings in the finest in fine trade, handcrafted merchandise and provides services to help you live a greener life. Also in house is Computer Co-op, a computer repair and consulting firm, and High Noon Cafe, Jackson’s only vegan restaurant.

At St. Dominic Hospital, their caring physicians practice aggressive medicine with outstanding clinical results and are recognized for their outstanding service. Comprehensive medical, surgical and emergency treatment is designed to provide our patients with the highest level of care. In addition, as part of St. Dominic’s commitment to the total well-being of patients, a range of specialized services is offered including cancer care, cardiovascular care, and family planning, as well as special healthcare programs for neighboring communities, such as their health and fitness club and medical spa.

The organization that started it all, Fondren Renaissance Foundation (FRF), was officially formed on March 1, 2002 when two previous neighborhood organizations, functioning in the Fondren community as separate but partnering entities, agreed to merge their operations and unite for the betterment of the district. These previous organizations had served the Fondren area since 1996. Fondren Renaissance Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and is fully supported by contributions from Fondren residents, businesses, corporate donors and other friends interested in the community.

The Fondren Association of Businesses (FAB) was birthed out of support from the Fondren Renaissance Foundation and area merchants during 2009. By fostering the importance of shopping locally to the greater Jackson community, Fondren claims a rightful place at the center of that local shopping experience. As home to one of the first shopping centers in the state, Fondren stores continue to be locally owned and operated

Who loves laundry day? If you didn’t raise your hand, you’re like the majority of us who are thrilled there’s Empty Hamper. Drop off a load (or two) of dirty clothes and return the next day to find them washed, dried, and folded! Ms. Sue’s magic gives you one less chore to worry about and one more reason to always have a fresh shirt available.

Have you made your resolution to get healthy in 2011? LiveRIGHTnow is an overall wellness solution that combines weight, fitness, and right living. Every individual has individual needs, and liveRIGHTnow custom tailors a program to fit you best. From meal plans to workout regimens, you have a good reason to get started today!

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