Fondren Express

When we think of Fondren, we think of these great Find It In Fondren sponsors, the ones who make this Jackson’s hippest neighborhood!

Whether for one of the area’s best burgers, blue plates, salads or red beans and rice, Rooster’s is a popular spot to dine and enjoy the atmosphere of Fondren. With house made breads and cookies and to die for banana pudding, you’ll find yourself returning again and again!

Also in Fondren Corner and a sister restaurant to Rooster’s, Basil’s paninis, salads and pizzas have become go-to choices for those who are thinking healthy. While there are chances to indulge here, pairing the freshest ingredients with lighter options makes Basil’s ideal to enjoy dining out while keeping that New Year’s resolution.

All aboard The Fondren Express, a nostalgic motorized street car in Fondren! Running a daily lunchtime route, the trolley takes you to the front doors of Jackson’s best restaurants. You can even ask for menu suggestions from Captain Ron! The Fondren Express is also available for charter for any event your create such as weddings, fundraisers, dinners, parties, and more.

Speaking of Jackson’s best dining, Nick’s, who relocated to Fondren one year ago, has consistently been one of the area’s greatest white tablecloth establishments. And with a new chef, Steven D’Angelo, in the kitchen, creative innovations are being added to their popular menu every month. There’s also a well stocked bar with exquisitely crafted drinks.

Artfully speaking, the revival of the neighborhood in more recent years can be traced to a select few, notably the Brown family and Brown’s Fine Art. If you want to truly appreciate Jackson’s gallery scene, start here. A Fondren After 5 favorite stop, Brown’s hosts live music, wine tastings, and incredible pieces from artists as diverse as the neighborhood.

In the final installment tomorrow, we’ll learn about RainbowCoOp & FairTradeGreen, LiveRIGHTnow, St. Dominic’s, Empty Hamper, FRF, FAB

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