Custom Optical

In our five part post-Christmas series, we take time to reintroduce you to the folks who make Fondren fabulous! These are our advertisers, and the folks we hope you will think of doing business with  when you are in the neighborhood.

Custom Optical is located in the Woodland Hills Shopping Center near Brent’s. Trish Hammons, an independent certified optician has an in house lab, great frames, and personal service. If you need reading glasses, daily prescription wear, or sunglasses, consider Custom Optical.

McDade’s Market is Fondren’s neighborhood grocery store. Just as in days past, McDade’s is about customer service and the freshest foods around. Manager Eddie Prosser is working tirelessly to offer the best selection at affordable prices. And we hear from WAY too many people, the fried chicken is the best in town!

Blue Cross Blue Shield is the sponsor of the Mississippi Blues Marathon, a race with beginnings in Fondren. The first year start-finish was here, and the course still brings a large part of the run through many parts of the neighborhood. Fondren is full of runners, and Blue Cross Blue Shield is proud to sponsor this amazing race.

Fairview Inn is the choice for travelers who come to Fondren and are looking for the best in accommodations.  This historic mansion includes exquisitely appointed suites, a restaurant, and day spa. Find It In Fondren Visitor’s Guide was laid out and finalized in the beautiful French Suite on Fairview’s top floor!

BP Care Care & Service is Jackson’s oldest remaining full service station, in business on Woodrow Wilson near the original Farmer’s Market for 60 years. More than a fill up and window wash, BP Car Care can replace brakes, shocks, belts, tires, and even detail your ride. See Randy Phillips and the staff at BP!

The Shoe Bar at Pieces is a fashionista’s dream! From shoes to fashion to accessories, Kaye Simmons has brought her Designer Shoe Palace from Flowood to Fondren – and is making a splash everyday as part of Fondren’s fashion row. From conservative to way out there, this is THE place for fashion – from the shoe up!

Tomorrow, in part four, we’ll meet SMoak Salon, Rooster’s, Basil’s, Fondren Express, Nick’s, and Brown’s Fine Art.

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