Like our wise indian chiefs of old, Fondrenites have adopted the mindset of making decisions that benefit even our future generations. The Fondren Association of Businesses has an aim of  making Fondren the greenest business district in Mississippi. Throughout Fondren, you’ll see energy efficient lighting, businesses and homes upgrading their heating and cooling systems to high efficiency models and driving hybrids and other high efficiency vehicles. Jackson’s early mass transit trolley had its end of the line turn around at the south end of Fondren. Local realtor Alan French has turned that around and reinstated the Fondren Trolley, a motorized vehicle, as a way of moving people around the Fondren area while lowering the need for more autos.

Every other Monday is recycling day in Fondren. The neighborhood is also home to Rainbow Natural Grocery Cooperative that has the only glass recycling center in the Jackson area. The main watershed in Fondren is Eubanks Creek. Local realtor, Art Minton, has organized friends of Eubanks Creek. The group cleans up the creek and posts notices at street drainage points to not dump trash and pollutants.

Fondrenites are also at the forefront of the community garden movement having helped start  Tougaloo-Rainbow sustainable community garden as well as some elementary school gardens. The new Fondren Park will have space for community gardening, too. And new Nick’s Restaurant chef Steven D’Angelo has plans to implement a rooftop garden atop the 3000 building where they are located, ushering in elementary aged kids to teach them about fresh foods. And where else would you find a store, Rainbow Green Services, that has rain barrels, worm composters, push mowers, and other green-themed merchandise?

So when you come to Fondren, be prepared to catch a glimpse of what’s around the corner for all of us – a sustainable, well cared for world for our great-great-great-great-really great grandchildren.

Written by Luke Lundemo and originally published in the Find It In Fondren
Visitor's Guide Fall/Winter edition
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