Sometimes you just need a place. Be it for peace and quiet or a bit of community, a Fondren coffee shop has taken up the cause. Sneaky Beans in the heart of the historic business district is open until 2am through early Saturday morning, catering to a student crowd studying for final exams. Bean manager Leslee Foukal says the idea is to give college kids a place to cram and to hang. “I remember being a student,” she says, “and nothing was open late in this area. We asked around, and had a lot of interest, so here we are.” Now in its second semester, the number of nights has decreased from nine or ten to four, but the plan is still the same. “Freshman and sophomores usually have heavier loads,” Foukal tells us, “and so they’re here in droves. Last night, we had to ‘kick them out’ at 2am.”

But it’s not just about the books at the Bean. Foukal says last night’s $1 pancakes and Tuesday’s cheese grits have been the highlight of ‘study break,’ happening at midnight with a chance for everyone to stretch their legs and chill. Friday night’s midnight break will feature a short acoustic set by Taylor Hildebrand. Foukal adds this is good exposure for Sneaky Beans, and that they’ve seen lots of new faces of students who didn’t know they were there. “Repeat business,” she says with a smile. And the hopes that they’ll find not only a safe, hip spot to hang, but enjoy the coffee, too.

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