On a national level, black Friday was a big deal yesterday with consumers picking up unheard of early morning deals. In Fondren, shop owners had a steady but more relaxed day. In an informal poll of nearly a dozen stores, about half said they had had an above average day, while a few said it had been business as usual. One proprietor gave a bright outlook for today’s traffic saying “they’ve had their fill of the malls and big box stores and today, they’ll be here.” At the Orange Peel, shoppers were ‘rattling the doors’ before 10am on Friday, and at Fondren Guitars, moms were bringing in happy children ‘checking on a first guitar.’ At Rainbow Grocery, employees there said Friday had been calm, but that Wednesday, the store had a huge day. We also observed a calm in the late afternoon traffic for most other businesses.

Today is shop local/small business Saturday and our Fondren businesses gladly welcome you to shop with us.

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