It’s amazing what a painting can do. Just ask Josh Barr about the gift from his mother 13 years ago that lead to his recent opening of  The Art Barr in Fondren Corner. Barr says it was this gift and memories of his mother “dragging us to craft fairs and art shows as kids” that helped to craft his love for art and the artists that create it. “I hated it then,” he says, “but realize now, it shaped me.” The 31 year old grew up in government housing in Houston, Texas and was an outside sales rep until recently. Barr says while he enjoyed it, a set of circumstances helped him to realize he had another calling. “I’ve always wanted to own a bar,” he told us, “but thought that might contribute negatively to people’s lives.” Barr says he gets a kick out of doing for others, and that desire will allow him to take local art on consignment.  He says we all are artists, taking our life circumstances and past situations and creating something of beauty. And while Barr adds he has his regrets in life, these days, he centers his world around faith and family. “Things have fallen into place,” Barr says. “I’m a regular guy with a different sort of canvas. And my goal is to help people.”

Stop by The Art Barr in Fondren Corner tonight during Fondren Unwrapped and welcome Josh and his new venture.

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