Rock Band

As a creator, teacher, and fan of music, Fondren Guitars’ Jason Bruce sometimes takes a look at what the world of music has to offer and wonders “what is music going to sound like years from now?” Will it be better? Will it be worse? The truth is, Bruce says,  that the responsibility falls upon us. Bruce believes we must invest in future musicians. To that end,  the shop’s newest program, Rock Band, takes advanced students, forms bands, shows them how to work in a group, gives them creative control of the band from start to finish, and gives them opportunities to perform. One such opportunity is next Thursday’s Fondren Unwrapped. The group will headline the Fondren Guitars stage alongside Atlanta singer Taylor Griffith. At last night’s rehearsal, the band was working up tunes by the Stones, Tom Petty, The Beatles, and Stevie Wonder. “It’s the diverse mix of influences we teach,” Bruce says, “that exposes the students to many musical avenues.”

Jason Bruce

Bruce says in Jackson, we have great musicians just a few years from revealing themselves. But there’s a good chance, he adds, that they won’t ever become a great musician because they never received the support or means to get there. The program he leads helps students understand responsibility and commitment and gives an after-school alternative to marching band. Bruce says the program comes with same amount of structure and student accountability. Fondren Guitars has created a fully encompassing school of music, requiring core curriculum of music theory and music appreciation.

The performance is at 7pm and Fondren Guitars encourages you as you enjoy Unwrapped to come by and show your support for these talented young musicians.

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