When you hear that a local guy finished Sunday’s ING New York City marathon in above average time, you’d call that something worthy of applause. But then you hear the real takeaway and you ask “where can I sign up?” Fondren’s Terry Sullivan, a weight loss consultant and all around nice guy, said his first race experience in the big apple was amazing, but the inspiration came from the city itself. The 35 year old Winona native crossed the finish line in just over four hours and twelve minutes, and said the 26.2 mile course showed him there’s more to do in Jackson. “Anything is achievable in New York,” Sullivan said, “with so many people from all over coming in with so many aspirations.” He added “there seems to be an ‘I can do anything’ attitude there that we need more of in Mississippi.” Sullivan said since moving back to the state in July from New York, he has been impressed with the great people in Fondren and the great opportunities. “It just makes me want to do more,” he said, “more to help people here realize their goals and make healthier choices for their lives.”

Sullivan, who ran the marathon with Team for Kids, a group fighting against childhood obesity, said his focus and determination has been an evolution over a lifetime, but really began to be real for him two years ago. Running his first marathon at 30 with a goal to complete a triathlon in the next five years, Sullivan said Sunday’s experience showed him anything IS possible. “Don’t limit yourself,” he added, “and aspire to do great things.” Seeing wheelchair-bound racers and those who were blind or running with prosthetics showed Sullivan that we sometimes set our sights short. “Stay focused,” he said, “and you’ll see success.”

Terry Sullivan is the owner of Live RIGHT Now, a program that promotes sustained weight loss through sustainable exercise and eating habits. 
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