Precinct Four’s new police commander Wendall Watts says he believes he has been to enough meetings already. The tongue in cheek reference is in response to his high demand and “who is this guy” curiosity of the moment in Jackson Police Department’s precinct 4. Commander Watts replaces Kenneth Goodrum who has been made sergeant and moved to precinct one.  As the monthly Community Oriented Policing Services meeting began at Redeemer Church last week, the Commander jovially took to the podium with good news. “We’re down 7% in the last week,” he says of crime stats in the precinct. Commander Watts indicated the arrest of several who he believed had been responsible of late for a rash of crimes in the area. He also told humorously of a call of suspicious door to door solicitor who turned out to be an under dressed judicial candidate.  ” I want you to be suspicious,” he told the crowd of 50, “and be on the look out for each other.”

Watts’ 20 plus years of law enforcement experience ranging from patrol to narcotics have given him an insight into several problem areas of the precinct, and he says his department is actively working to eradicate all crime.  When asked about our statistical standings in relation to other metro areas, Watts said we don’t have an issue. The Commander cited overall population and area in relative comparison and said Jackson’s numbers are actually lower than any other metro city. “We have everything in Jackson, and other cities want to have what we do,” he said. When asked about the negative perception the area often faces, he says when you’re doing something right, you’re going to get picked on. “Just keep telling your family, friends, and co-workers”, he added,” to come to Jackson. You are safe and we have what you are looking for.”

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