3002 North Mill Street, Jackson, MS

Upcoming Events

Spacecamp presents Dream Cult & Lo Noom

Date: Fri 29 2017 | Location: Spacecamp

A staple in their hometown of Jackson, MS, Dreamcult’s fun catchy pop blends a wide variety of their influences from the vibes of the 80′s to the raw sound of the 90′s.

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Spacecamp presents Okey Dokey w/ El Obo & Fides

Date: Wed 11 2017 | Location: Spacecamp

You can’t fully appreciate the long history of recorded music without taking the time to look at the breakups. Whether it’s for good or for the season, Okey Dokey is the product of that natural reformation that occurs when musicians part ways.

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Spacecamp presents Selector Dub Narcotic w/ Hartle Road

Date: Sun 22 2017 | Location: Spacecamp

2 bands and done by 10:00 pm for the working class.

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