The business will be open Monday – Saturday, 8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

Fondren residents Cynthia Pickens and Marcus Pickens have opened a new business on Mitchell Avenue and they believe, you may come for their services, but you’ll stay for the food.

Kopy Katz is a business center at 425 Mitchell Avenue in the former Shoe Bar at Pieces, more recently Sharon Coker Photography. The business will offer copy, fax, scan and notary but they’ll also operate a short order café.

“We’re going to be a little different,” said Cynthia, a court reporter by trade. “Where else can you go to get copies made and enjoy refreshments?”

Cynthia explained Kopy Katz plans to, beginning in September, offer chicken and waffles, salads, loaded baked potatoes, cookies, milkshakes and other edibles.

Kopy Katz is spacious, offering what Cynthia hopes is a place where college students will want to hang out.

“Wifi is outside, the plugs are outside,” she said. “If they want to meet for a study group or want to watch games or do homework, they can do it here.”

And, the draw of something to eat? “They’ll buy food because it’ll be good food,” she added.

Cynthia also said she’s looking forward to future Fondren developments – like the hotel, The Fondren, just a block east of her location – to bolster her business.

With a lease for the last year, Cynthia says the time to open is now.

“This is my dream. We’ve put too much money in not to go forward. I love court reporting, but I love what I get to do now.”

Update: Pickens, who loves to cook, said the copy business never even opened. Her business plan changed the day of her August 2017 grand opening when patrons were asking how they could get more of the food she was serving. “I’ve sold off the copy equipment and plan to pursue this location as a restaurant full-time,” she said by phone. “I only do things homemade and that’s what we’ll serve: good, homemade food like wings and waffles, homemade hamburgers, milkshakes and loaded baked potatoes.” The name Kopy Katz will stick. Pickens said she plans for a January opening.

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