THIRDspace takes place monthly in different spots throughout the city, based on businesses who offer their space as a gathering point. Image: Team JXN

TeamJXN, an organization committed to showcasing the growth and positive momentum rising up in Jackson, Mississippi, will present THIRDspace on Thursday, June 29 at 6:30 p.m. La Brioche.

We talked to David Lewis, Team JXN vice chair, about this new networking opportunity and how the group is working to bring more awareness to one of this year’s Team JXN key initiatives, placemaking.

What is THIRDspace?
THIRDspace is an event designed to create a place for people to go between work and home: the third space.

As of now, it will take place monthly in different places throughout the city, based on businesses who offer their space as a gathering point. This month, it’s La Brioche in Fondren.

The event is intended to spark conversation among all Jacksonians – and even travelers stopping through town – geared around a general theme specified each month (i.e., film industry). It is super informal.

Ad we hear La Brioche is doing a special? 
La Brioche will offer a special where customers can buy a cup of coffee and two macaroons for $6.

Who is your target audience for THIRDspace? 
We are hoping for anyone who is interested in plugging into the city to join us. If you are new to town, a native or somewhere in between, this place is a welcome place for you.

Is it free?
It is!

Tell us about the Team JXN placemaking contest and how you all might tie THIRDSpace in.
MAKE JXN is our placemaking contest. Anyone in Jackson can present an idea they may have to do placemaking in the city. Apply online by July 14. The top projects will be presented at the July THIRDspace/State Street Open House in a pitch and science fair style, on July 27. The general public and attendants from the event that night will vote for their favorite project. The winner will receive $2,000 – raised with the help of Fuse.Cloud – to help them begin their placemaking project in 2017.

We will also help the winner create a Kickstarter campaign to be launched and help raise additional funds for their project.

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