“Just one addition to your cart will make the difference between a thriving local business, or another derelict building,” Rainbow says in their push to drive sales.

Fondren’s neighborhood grocery cooperative, Rainbow, is reaching out to customers – and potential ones – to help bolster weakened sales.

“We’ve had some trying times, going through bank loans, refinancing, constant flooding, and even Chapter 11 bankruptcy,” an email to customers reads. “But, we’ve always managed to pull through, thanks to the dedicated support of our community.”

The member-owned co-op, in business since 1980, is Jackson’s only community owned grocery, specializing in “good-for-you,” health and planet-conscious merchandise.

But they say competition from other grocers dedicated to similar products and expanded organic sections in chain grocers has eaten into their sales at what they explain is an “unsustainable rate.” Add to that a popular neighborhood where parking can be a challenge… the store is looking for support.

“We’re not asking you to donate money or make huge changes to your spending habits,”the email goes on. “If every member spends an extra three dollars on each trip, we will be on the road to a comfortable financial status.”

Rainbow is showcasing a host of $3 items on their Facebook,  the exact dollar amount of additional spending per customer, they say, will make a world of difference “between a thriving local business, or another derelict building.”

“You’ve already helped make a tremendous difference in Jackson, anchoring this neighborhood and creating a community. It won’t be hard to save the c0-op, we just need your help.”

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