Croissants and muffins join fresh baked biscuits on the new menu

by Paul Wolf

It’s a Thursday morning, not unlike most others. Except that I know something new is happening today: Campbell’s Bakery, 50 years old this year, begins serving breakfast. And yesterday afternoon, I had a sneak peak at the menu and even got to sample some delicious bits of what was to come.

When my wife dropped by for a bite on her way to work this morning and texted me “holy crap the chocolate croissant from Campbell’s is amazing,” I knew this was the perfect way to get in some additional research for this piece.

Campbell’s Breakfast in a Minute promises you’re ‘in and out the door in sixty seconds.’ Owner Mitchell Moore says this is for a host of good reasons: “We don’t have a lot of parking, although before 10am, before our neighbor stores open, we have a ton. The idea is that we’ll have a huge pot of coffee and all of these items in cases with tongs. “Get out of your car, come in, pour your coffee, put your breakfast in a box, pay and be out the door in a minute. That’s as fast as it possibly can be to get a box of made-from-scratch goodness.”

So, I timed it. Just under three minutes. Okay, you can blame the extra minutes on my gift of gab and Moore’s brother Montie darting out of the kitchen to offer me a hug (he could tell I’m not a morning person). But for fresh pastries, I say, it’s worth getting up for, even with no hugs.

In the cooler are sodas, milk, water, even iced frappuccino drinks in bottles and a Keurig machine off to the side. But I didn’t come by for a beverage. I had to try this soft, warm, buttery croissant my wife was raving about. And, a piece of the cinnamon roll cake (because after all, Campbell’s is known for their cakes).

I barely made it back to my car and into State Street traffic before I took the first bite of the croissant. When I came back to consciousness ninety seconds later and realized I had made it home, I also came to the conclusion that ‘don’t eat Campbell’s and drive’ might need to be a thing.

Sitting at my desk, already on a sugar high, I took a bite of the cinnamon roll cake. The only way I can describe it is it’s like a coffee cake, but sweeter, moister and crisper around the edges. And after trying the banana pecan streusel muffins yesterday, I can honestly say I’m hooked.

Moore told me yesterday that breakfast has been a long time in coming. It was actually his baker, Holly Robinson, who volunteered to begin coming in at 5am to bake every morning for that morning’s goodness. Remind me to send Holly a thank you note.

For folks who say there are already breakfast options in Fondren, you’re correct. But, until now, there was nothing so ‘front door, get in, grab it and go’ as what Campbell’s began offering today. Moore acknowledges that if there were a fast food chain right next door with a drive thru, this may not have worked. But there’s not and this does.

Hours are 7am-10am Tuesday through Friday, and if it goes well, maybe we can talk them into Saturday (I’d add this to our weekend rotations in a heart beat).

Next week, Campbell’s plans to make the rounds to area hospitals and neighborhood businesses with a sample box of new menu items. When their delivery truck is ready and running, Moore says they’ll make the rounds to bring biscuits, muffins and croissants to offices around the metro. For now, it’s first come, first served at their bakery on North State Street in the strip.

Moore calls this ‘honest food.’ “It’s made from scratch, inexpensive, and easy to stop by and pick up on the way to the office. I think this was a need for community people to grab a better, quick breakfast.”

Me, too, Mitchell; me too.

On the menu:

Banana Streusel Pecan Muffin, Cranberry Orange Zest Muffin or a Seasonal Muffin – $2.15; Fresh Baked Daily Biscuits – $2; add Bacon, Ham or Sausage – $2.15; add Cheese – $2.40; Butter Croissant – $2.50; add ham and cheese or chocolate – $2.95; Cinnamon Roll Cake by the slice – $2.95. 

Paul Wolf is publisher and founder of Find It In Fondren™

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