Bike Walk Mississippi is gearing up for a big week. Bicycle events will be held throughout the state of Mississippi in conjunction with National Bicycle Month. The entire month is dedicated to remembering those who have been killed or injured on Mississippi roads and to raise awareness of the need for a more bicycle friendly Mississippi.

Wednesday, May 16, Bike Walk Mississippi is hosting its 2nd annual “Wear Yellow Day”, and is asking people statewide to wear yellow or other high visibility clothing items to help raise awareness for increased safety on Mississippi roads. Bike Walk Mississippi Executive Director Melody Moody told Mississippi Public Broadcasting’s Ezra Wall last week “it’s a chance to be united as a community, and I don’t mean that as a bicycling community. This is a statewide community that says ‘this is important to us and something we care about.’ ” Bike Walk asks you to make a commitment to pay attention to the roads, to give at MINIMUM 3 feet when passing a runner, walker, or bicyclist and to stop distracted driving or driving under the influence. Bike Walk Mississippi invites people of all ages, whether or not they regularly run, walk or bike, to stand together in solidarity to bring awareness to what all Mississippians can do to make Mississippi a healthier and safer state. 

Other Bicycle Month events in the area include National Bike to Work Day on May 18. The Jackson Bike Advocates will host an “epic bike weekend” scheduled for Thursday, May 24- Saturday, May 26. Events will include a Thursday bike ride from Rainbow CoOp to the Mississippi Museum of Art’s art garden to view the movie of the month, “Ferris Beuler’s Day Off”; the 3rd annual JBA “Alley-cat” on Friday, a friendly race & scavenger hunt around some of Jackson’s favorite hot spots, followed by an after-party at Sneaky Beans Coffee shop featuring the Overnight Lows and Bloodbird. Saturday, May 26, bike polo enthusiasts from Mobile, Memphis, Little Rock and New Orleans will join the Jackson Bike Advocates for an epic Bike Polo match. Sunday, May 27, Jackson Bike Advocates will wrap up the weekend with a friendly bike ride to Julep Restaurant for brunch, emanating again from Rainbow CoOp. These events are free, everyone is welcome and all bicyclists are encouraged to wear helmets.

 For more information on statewide bicycle month events contact

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