For 2012, Fondren Theatre Workshop is getting back to its roots, with a focus on local playwrights via a monthly event they’re calling “Playwright Night,” to be held the first Tuesday of each month.  The March 6 event will feature a reading of “Buck-Nekkid,”  a full-length play written by John Maxwell, who most of  Jackson will recognize from his world-famous one-man show, “Oh, Mr. Faulkner, Do You Write?”  Although earlier versions of “Buck-Nekkid” have been produced regionally, this is a newly-updated script, including a new character.  According to Maxwell, the play has a deep religious theme. “I got the idea from the characters themselves.  I know that sounds strange, but I found the voices, and they dictated the plot”, he said. Readers for “Buck Nekkid” will include John Maxwell, Danny Dauphin, John Howell, Jo Ann Robinson, and Jessica Wilkinson.

Brent’s Drugs & Soda Fountain is sponsoring these events, offering food and beer/wine service starting at 6pm, with play readings to begin at 7pm.  No orders will be taken once the reading begins. Each play will be presented by actors in a Readers Theatre format, and will be followed by a moderated feedback session with the playwright. 

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