A march to bring awareness and more funding to Mississippi’s fight against AIDS is coming to Fondren tomorrow at 9am.  18 year old Bob Gilchrist (left) says he will lead a group from Fondren Plaza at Rainbow Co-op to the State Capitol to not only bring awareness to the diesease but to Jackson’s gay community. A press conference is set for 11am on the steps of the Capitol. On the group’s Facebook page, Gilchrist seeks to “send a message to Mississippi that we are not second class citizens”. He says that gay Mississippians deserve marriage, acknowledgment, but most importantly RESPECT. “Let’s be proud of the way we were created”. For more information, contact Gilchrist at chinabobg@gmail.com or visit the group’s Facebook page

Gilchrist’s personal invitation is this: “please join me in a fight for beauty, justice, equality, and hope. Join me in a precious fight for human dignity”.

Update: Jackson Police say proper procedure was not followed and organizers had not secured a liability insurance policy. Marchers instead agreed to drive to the state Capitol