This April 14, there will be a traffick jam in Fondren. That’s the prediction from international fund raising chair Drew Mellon, a Fondren resident, who says last year’s Traffick Jam fundraiser was only the beginning. A benefit for the Hard Places Community in Camobodia, Traffick Jam is a walk-a-thon style event that Mellon plans to base out of Sneaky Beans coffee shop. “Last year, we were at Fondren Park, and it was great”, he says, “but we need more visibility this time around”. Registration, kids bounce houses and live music – all day – will happen at the coffee shop and participants will walk an approximately .3 mile loop to complete a ten mile course. “This isn’t a 5k or structured event like that. For runners who may want to be a part, we may be asking them to chart their own course and complete the mileage on their own”. Alternately, Mellon says, his group may scope out a few neighborhood routes to help guide those who wish to utilize something beside the business district walk.

Mellon tells us this is a grassroots event. Last year, the local Traffick Jam fundraiser, also held nationwide, raised $10,000, 1/6 of the national total. “Some people have said ‘yeah, I’ve heard about that (last year’s)’ but they still don’t really know what it is. Our goal this year is to raise more funds, more awareness, and make a huge difference for the kids in Cambodia. 

Click here to read more of  Mellon’s back story and more of what Hard Places is all about

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