In with the new – and the old, too! Saying “the only thing constant is change”, Sal & Mookie’s New York Pizza and Ice Cream Joint is rolling out a new menu today. Keeping all of your favorites and creating new ones, the updated offerings incorporate items that, until now, have only been listed as specials. For one, the hand cut, Grande whole milk fried mozzarella sticks are here, along with several new entrees. The Franklin Street pizza (named after Jackson entrepreneur and activist Kamikaze), John’s Bleecker Street (named after Famous John’s Pizzeria on Bleecker in New York City), the Donald Trump Panini (it’s HUGE. It’s THE BEST… it’s amazing!), and the Y’alldorf salad, the restaurant’s spin on the classic Waldorf salad from the NYC Waldorf Astoria Hotel. Sal & Mookie’s is also featuring a new pasta, classic Chicken Marsala.  And dessert fans will cheer for the crème brulee. Co-owner Jeff Good says “folks have been begging and we have acquiesced”.

Good goes on to explain the menu update by saying “my business partner, Chef Dan Blumenthal, is creative and energetic.  He loves to tweak his menus, brining in new items”. Good says it’s give and take, but with this change, diners will enjoy the additions. “Much to my chagrin and the wailing and gnashing of teeth of many of our ardent fans, sometimes Dan takes away popular dishes.  Fear not with this menu change; its all new stuff and its “all good”.

See the new menu here and new dessert menu here.