And the hits keep coming! Fondren restaurants have been recognized in the September-October 2011 issue of Delta Magazine. The publication lauds specific dishes at Fatsumo Sushi, Brent’s, Babalu Tacos & Tapas, Aladdin Mediterranean Grill and Campbell’s Bakery. The honors come as part of the ‘Hungry 100’ list in their ‘Best Eats’ section.

Fatsumo’s ‘Jamaican Me Crazy’ roll with tempura shrimp, toasted coconut, avocado and mango is called by writer Kallie Dreher “one of our new Fondren favorites”. Dreher also speaks of Brent’s egg and olive sandwich (along with the booths) as “the most charming way to spend your one-hour lunch break”. At Babalu, writer Melissa Townsend says the Mexican Street Corn is a “flavor explosion”. She goes on to applaud the braised beef short rib there with one word: “awesome”. And, finally at Babalu, the writer calls the tableside guacamole “the best in Mississippi”.

At Aladdin, Townsend likes the Aladdin special, a sampler with hummus, baba ghanoush, falafel, stuffed grape leaves, tabouli and kibby. She says it’s “a world – and a meal to itself”. And for the sweet tooth, Dreher takes it to Campbell’s Bakery where she find the Banana Pudding Cheesecake, “two classic desserts in one southern package” that she says is “all the buzz with Fondren patrons” (and rightfully so). Delicious!

The latest issue of Delta Magazine is on newsstands today. And in case you missed their Fondren love from last month, see the multi-page spread here.