Parade weekend is just around the corner in Fondren. Organizers point you to There you will discover the most up to date information about all aspects of the weekend. In one place, you can get the details, the forms, the calendar of events, and volunteer information needed to enhance your participation.

The questions heard most often relate to traffic flow and parking. While there will be some changes, organizers say they have kept them to a minimum. The Jackson Police Department has embraced the concept of “rolling barricades” so that just prior to and during the parade, vehicular access to the central district’s shopping areas will be available for almost the entire time. The entry point will vary from east and west sides of community. Parking will be blocked on North State Street from Fondren Place to Duling and along the north side of Duling from 10am until the end of the parade. All streets will be open to traffic until 5:30 p.m. on Saturday the 26th. All cars MUST be off North State Street by 4:30pm. Streets will be re-opened in stages as the parade passes key intersections.

Parking is available all day Saturday at Veteran’s memorial Stadium for $5. The fee benefits Blair E. Batson Children’s Hospital. Additionally, the Fondren Express Trolley will shuttle you to and from the carnival and other events throughout the district.