The Loved To Be Loved Concert Series continues tonight in Fondren. Internationally acclaimed guitarist Pierre Bensusan makes his long awaited return to Jackson where he will appear at St James Episcopal Church. I need only share the quotes below for you have an idea of the caliber artist Pierre is. You’ve heard me say this before but “this show will change your life” just like it did mine when I started working with Pierre 28 years ago.

Best World Music Guitar Player in 2008 ! (Guitar Player Magazine Readers Choice Award – USA)

“Pierre’s music gives me the shakes. No other guitarist shares his strange gifts of sophistication, accessibility and downright joy. Even at its most complex, Pierre’s music only needs ears to be enjoyed.” (Leo Kottke)

“Listening to Pierre Bensusan is rejuvenating. Beside his extraordinary touch and tone, the notes and melody appeal directly to the tender side of our human nature.” (Steve Vai)

“One of the truly gifted musicians of our time – he plays the guitar as if it were the very soul of himself.” (George Winston)

Tickets are $15 advance, $18 at the door and available online, at BeBop & the St. James church office. Doors open at 7:30pm and the show begins at 8:15pm. In addition, dinner ($12) begins at 6pm with aspiring Chef Arden Barnett, Jr.’s Herb Crusted Roast Chicken, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Sauteed Haricot Verts, Salad Bar, Broad Street Artisan Breads and Assorted Desserts.

Contributed by show producer Arden Barnett