In part two of of JFP best-of winners list, we focus on the tasty places in Fondren we crave and the folks who make those drinks and bites come to life!

Babalu Tacos & Tapas, Best New Restaurant, 3rd Place; Best New Bar, 2nd Place; Best Taquiera, 3rd Place;

Mimi’s Family & Friends, Best New Restaurant, Good Showing; Best brunch/Sit Down Breakfast, Good Showing; Best Breakfast on the Run, Good Showing

Walker’s, Best Restaurant; Most Innovative Menu, 3rd Place; Best Place to Eat When Someone Else Pays, 2nd Place; best Seafood, 3rd Place; Best Outdoor Dining, 3rd Place; Best Plate Lunch, 2nd Place

Pi(e) Lounge, Best Cocktails, Good Showing

Nick’s, Best Restaurant, Good Showing; Best Place to Eat When Someone Else Pays, 3nd Place; Best Gumbo, Good Showing; Best Appetizers, Good Showing; Best After Work Drink, Good Showing

Derek Emerson (Walker’s), Best Chef, 2nd Place

Dan Blumenthal (BRAVO!, Broad Street, Sal & Mookie’s), Best Chef, Good Showing

Janis Boersma (Nick’s), Best Server

Mandalyn Meadows-Goode (High Noon), Best Server, 2nd Place

Corinn Escude (Sal & Mookie’s), Best Server, Good Showing

Aladdin, Best Falafel; Best Mediterranean/Greek, 2nd Place; Best Vegetarian, 2nd Place

Jerusalem Cafe, Best Mediterranean/Greek, Good Showing; Best Falafel, 3rd Place

Que Sera, Best Gumbo, Best Red Beans & Rice; Best Outdoor Dining, 2nd Place; Best Hangover Food, Good Showing

Sal & Mookie’s, Best Kids’ Menu; Best Place For Ice Cream; Best Pizza, 2nd Place; Best Outdoor Dining, Good Showing; Best Pasta, Good Showing; Best Dessert, 3rd Place; Best Takeout, 3rd Place; Best Bottled Beer, 3rd Place; Best Draft Beer, 2nd Place; Best Wings, 3rd Place

Hooter’s, Best Wings, Good Showing; Best Biker Hangout, 2nd Place

Rooster’s, Best Fries, Good Showing

High Noon Cafe, Best Vegetarian; Best Veggie Burger, 2nd Place; Best Meal Under $10, 3rd Place

Broad Street Baking Company, Best Bakery, Best Breakfast on the Run; Best Gumbo, Good Showing; Best Deli/Sandwich, 2nd Place; Best Brunch/Sit Down Breakfast, 3nd
Place; Best Place to Hang With a Laptop, 3rd Place

Basil’s, Best meal Under $10, 3rd Place;Best Deli/Sandwich, Good Showing

Rainbow CoOp, Best Salad or Salad Bar, 2nd Place

Campbell’s Bakery, Best Bakery, 2rd Place

McDade’s, Best Plate Lunch, Good Showing; Best Bottle Beer, Good Showing

Eammon Cotrell (Cups), Best Barista

Leslee Foukal (Sneaky Beans), Best Barista, 3rd Place

Byron Knight (Sneaky Beans), Best Barista, 3rd Place

Caitlin McNally (Sneaky Beans), Best Barista, 3rd Place

Tara Lynn Pike (Pi(e) Lounge at Sal & Mookie’s), Best Bartender

Justin Cook (Nick’s), Sexiest Male Bartendar, Good Showing

Sneaky Beans, Best Place to Chill; Best Place to Get Coffee, 2nd Place; Best College Hangout, 3rd Place; Best Place to Hang With a Laptop, 2nd Place

Cups, An Espresso Cafe, Best Place to Get Coffee, Best Place College Hangout, Best Place to Hang With a Laptop, Best Place to Break Up; Best Place to Chill, 3rd Place

Congrats again to all of these businesses and individuals who make Fondren “Jackson’s Hippest Neighborhood!” All winners are at