It was the perfect afternoon for a skate jam! Swell-O-Phonic in Fondren was the place this afternoon as a portion of State Street was turned into a temporary skate park. Swell owner Ron Chane said it’s the biggest such event they’ve had so far, and that it will build every time they have it. Chane added “40-50 year olds are checking it out because they don’t understand the sport, but they’re here, and they’re signing the petition (for a public skate park in Jackson.)” Frank Henn of Skate Mississippi said he saw faces he’s never seen. “New people every time,” he said, “means we’re reaching more with our message and our cause.”

Read more about Skate Mississippi and their mission here or log on to SkateMS.com. And plan to come out again on February 13. It’s happening again!!

Skaters, if we got a great shot of you and you want it, contact us!