A Jackson clothing store partnered with a popular Fondren restaurant this weekend to spread a bit of holiday cheer. The Rogue gave Broad Street Baking Company customers a free coffee drink all day Friday as a way of saying Merry Christmas. Broad Street service manager Tim Tuttle said the promotion was huge. “Any of our coffee drinks – lattes, cappuccinos, brewed cups – anything in our coffee system,” he said “was up for grabs.” Tuttle attributes the success to the cold temperatures, lots of social media and word of mouth, and, of course, the coffee. “We’ve changed up the way we do coffee and coffee drinks, and I believe that helped pull it together. We really had our hands full.”

Tuttle says two more free coffee days are planned between now and the end of the year. One of those is Tuesday, December 14 – until 10am, sponsored by Forty Four Fifty and Rogue Men’s Store. You may remember last year when Bellwether Church gave a free cup of coffee to Broad Street patrons during the holidays.