‘Four Spirited Women’ Winter Show – Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sara Jane Alston began as a stained glass artist but found her love for painting about ten years ago. “My paintings are about color: morning, noon and night color. A lot of brights, but not too bright, and then you dull the brights, and on and on and on. The painting takes on a life of its own and hopefully creates joy, surprise and peace to just stay where you are.”

Cleta Ellington blames Ward Sumner, Mike McCree and the newly discovered paint color poppy red for her latest obsession with zinnias. Both Ward and Mike provided Cleta with a bounteous supply of zinnias from their gardens and three paintings rom the series that they inspired will grace us at The Cedars. Naples yellow, another new find in paint color led Cleta to find more subject matter in memories of her trips to Italy. For inspiration, Cleta credits her Belhaven neighborhood, photographs from friends, local music and her good fortune to live in this place with creative energy abounding.

One of Patti Henson’s earliest memories is having paper and pencil thrust into her hands to keep her quiet. A job after college in a hippy-dippy T-shirt company steered her to an interest in fabric printing and one-of-a-kind batiks. A trip to Europe and exposure to carved wood-block illustrations inspired her to work as a printmaker. After traveling to an island off the coast of Honduras, Patti found her drawings demanded more immediacy. For the first time since college Hanson returned to painting. Her watercolors will take us from local landmarks to hidden treasures in far-flung lands and everything in between.

Dazzling us for years with her unique abstract paintings, Diane Jacobs takes us into a new sphere of mixed media. Imagine the combination of boat paddles and aluminum cans, and enter the realm of her new series entitled “Bodies of Water”. Whether it’s fishing in the blue hole, rafting down the river, or escaping rooftops during Katrina, the boat paddle is an invaluable tool, not to mention hydro dynamically sleek. And what trip is complete without an ice chest full of Dr. Pepper and Busch beer cans. It is recycling at its finest.

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